Preventative Medicine

At Pet Vet, our goal is to keep your pets’ happy, healthy and hopefully around for many years. A few ways to ensure this is to focus on preventative medicine and prophylactic care. Animals are brilliant at masking disease, so it’s extremely important to both prevent and identify problems as early as possible. Some common recommendations we make to our clients are include: 1. Bi-annual checkups 2. Regular internal and external parasite identification and control such as intestinal parasites, Heartworm and fleas/ticks 3. Annual vaccination that are specifically tailored towards your pet’s needs, risk 4. Annual lab work to monitor organ function such as hidden infection, anemia, kidney disease, Diabetes and certain thyroid conditions 5. Dental/ teeth cleanings (both non-anesthetic and traditional cleaning are available) 6. Closely monitoring already identified diseases and disorders 7. Weight management Please feel free to call us at anytime to discuss any of the services mentioned and let us help keep your loved one around for many, many years to come!